Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beware the Ides of SPAM

Today I received another question from a “member” on Fanbox (which I now refer to as SPAMbox). So, I search Google for: fanbox spam. At the time of this writing, I’m #4 on the list, but what cracks me up is the obvious seeding that SPAMbox has done on the web.

For example, take the posting they’ve done on the Office Tweaks blog. There is a comment there by a guy named “TJ Brown” that is an obvious seed for Fanbox.

I love FanBox! They have so many cool applications and features on their desktop! Their social network aspect rivals even MySpace and Facebook! I looked up the old stuff on, and who cares? It wasn’t even a big deal and they have since discontinued offering sms service. So stop crying and give the site a chance.

- TJ

Give me a friggin break! Sounds like he’s trying to sell me a used Pinto. Fanbox is SPAM, plain and simple. No other company out there sends me emails with “questions” from people I don’t know and “questions/invites” from people I do know. Fanbox will phish your password, SPAM your friends, and phish their passwords.

Fanbox is a scam. Every message I receive, I mark it as SPAM and post another blog to help spread the word. Judging by the number of posts I have about Fanbox, you can see that I’ve been SPAMMED a lot lately. Keep the emails coming, I’ll keep posting.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Parabolic Listening Device for Spying

I bought one of these from Gagdet Universe last Christmas for my dad. I pointed it at my neighbor’s house, and I could hear her walking across her kitchen floor. You could easily listen in on conversations from a distance away.

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Answering your home phone from 80 miles away

This is not just impressive because you can call someone from 128km away (79.5 miles). It’s impressive because a company in Hong Kong is going to market and sell this item to you directly. Checkout their guarantee and shipping near the bottom of the page. They are claiming to guarantee the item for 10 days from the date you receive it. The most important part is the part about the shipping. They will ship this anywhere in the world. Heed their warning though. Is this thing legal in The States?

Long Range Cordless Phone - Senao

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Email is an Ineffective Method of Communication

I love the conversations that people have about Internet communication. I’m in a team management leadership program right now. The entire program is based upon being in communication with others and creating a listening of others that empowers them. What I find interesting about the course is that participants have created a listening of Internet communication as ineffective. That is to say that in the realm of communication, most participants view communication via the web and email as ineffective.

I’ve had a number of conversations with people in the course and other people in my life about how they relate to Internet communication. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you really want to communicate with someone, verbal communication is the best way to go”.

There are a couple of errors in this statement. First, verbal communication essentially means communication with words. Modern definitions of verbal have twisted it into meaning oral communication as opposed to written communication. However, the true meaning of verbal is “of or pertaining to words”. Nothing in the original definition implies oral vs written.

The second problem with this statement is that it implies that one must speak with another person in order to be in communication. Now, what I find interesting about this is that written communication was invented specifically to make communication available to more people.

Written word has the ability to become timeless. Written word has the ability to make us and our communication live on forever. Where would we be is Shakespeare was only communicated through oral communication? Where would we be if the US Constitution was never written down but just communicated in oral conversation?

The moral of the story is that the web, being part of written communication, is a very powerful method of communication. You can gain interest from people in whatever you are up to through oral or written communication. The web and community websites (more about this later) are very effective methods of communication.

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Retro Cell Phone or More Useless junk for your garage?

Let me start off by saying that I love gadgets. I’ve been shopping at Sharper Image since… Well, since before they had their stores (which I’m sure they will be shutting down a few of later this year, but I digress). I’ve long been a fan of Brookstone, Hammacher, and Gadget Universe. Then there is FirstStreet aka TechnoBrands.

I can’t really say that I’m a fan of FirstStreet. Most of their products are… I’ll let the picture do the talking here :-P

Larger Image View - firstSTREETonline

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Is a Natural Product a Gadget?

Original Post from The Gadget Panel

What is a natural product? Well, the folks at Expo West can tell you. I was invited to the Natural Product Expo in Anaheim, CA this weekend by my friend, and fellow Gadget Panelist, Jeffrey Schiller.
We had a great time looking at cool food, products, and… well, we went
to a fashion show (second one in as many weeks) as well (pictures to
come on my wordpress blog).
I learned a lot about some of the amazing conventions that Jeff has put
on in the past. I hope soon that we’ll be seeing some of them again
soon!One of the things that I was thinking about was whether I was
going to find a cool “product” or not. See, most of the stuff at the
Natural Product Expo is food related. Now, I could write about the
chocolate… mmmm, chocolate… for ages. In fact, I could have an entire
publication to chocolate. Wait! There IS a magazine dedicated to Chocolate!

Shower Filter

I found some really cool products there. For example, there is this
shower filter that de-chlorinates your water. This means that I’m not
going to get prune hands from being in the shower, and hopefully it
will help my itchy scalp. Maybe I’ll even grow some hair back (crossing
fingers). My concern was that the water pressure was going to get
squashed when I installed it. Well, no problem there! Checkout the

Where can you get one? Well, that was the only problem I was having
at this expo. Most of the companies there only sell wholesale. However,
some quick sleuthing brought me to the product on Amazon. 40 bucks is a nice price for this product.

There were a few more non-food innovations that I’m going to write
about later. I’m even going to setup an interview with the founder of
the Fartless Factory
(yes, the Old Fart himself). Yes, he doesn’t have much of a website,
but I guarantee you will get a chuckle and maybe find yourself some
sixteen bean chili that won’t make you blow a gasket in his online catalog.

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Charge your PDA with a flashlight!

Originally posted on the Gadget Panel

A while back, I wrote about a flashlight that can charge a cell phone. I got one for everyone in my family. It is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a car. It’s bright, has a swivel head, and requires no batteries. You simple charge it with the pull of a string. Talking with people on movie and television sets, it is perfect for that line of work too. Having a portable, rechargeable power source and light is great for anyone on set.

My only problem was that the device did not come with an adapter that would charge my Pocket PC (which I’m not a huge fan of anyway). However, my Pocket PC charges via USB anyway. So many devices charge via USB, so it would be nice to have a portable USB charger. Alan Parekh from Hacked Gadgets, posted a blog about building a charger for his old iPod Shuffle. Brilliant!

Today, someone dropped off a series of adapters that can be used with the Zipping Flashlight. I got to charge my cell phone!

Where can you buy the adapters? I think Radio Shack, but I’ll find out and post later. You can get the flashlight at Gadget Universe. There is another product similar to it, but I’ve never used it. You can find it on Froogle.

You can read other blogs about the flashlight here: | The Goat
Coolest Gadgets
The Gadget Panel
Hacked Gadgets

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